Recycling Steps

Separate at source

Separate glass bottles from general refuse at source.  Glass accepted includes wine and spirit bottles, beer bottles, juice and soft drink bottles, mineral water bottles and other clean glass bottles.

Remove caps

To facilitate recycling work, please remember to first remove their caps which are made of other materials.

Empty and rinse

To ensure the hygiene and the quality of recovered glasses, please empty and rinse off any residual in glass bottles.

Remove plastic bag

Do not put into recycling bins any glass bottles with the plastic bags carrying them. The plastic bags should be removed for recycling separately before putting glass bottles into recycling bins.

Put into recycling bin

The final step is to put clean glass bottles with their caps and any plastic bags removed into recycling bins contributing to glass bottle recycling in Hong Kong!

Recycle Clean - Glass Bottles

Glass Bottles Recycling and Reuse

Waste Less! Rinse and Recycle Glass Bottles (Uses)

Waste Less! Rinse and Recycle Glass Bottles (Recycling)